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LAMP Technology

LAMP Technology

The Foundation of OpenPro ERP Software
Hardware independent and software independent using the latest technology from
The OpenPro product is written using open source LAMP technology, commonly known as the LAMP stack, which includes four of the world’s most popular open source products: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Today, this combination runs over 85% of Internet websites.

The LAMP stack is the combination of four proven and popular open source technologies that together produce a powerful application serving platform. LAMP is often seen as the best open source solution to compete with proprietary and commercial products, such as Windows, IIS, and .NET. LAMP is also known for its complete security and reliability, unlike some of the available commercial products. Certainly its low cost is appealing, but the open source nature, making for free and easy development and deployment, is a much more attractive reason to use the technology. This base product makes it so OpenPro can sell its comprehensive product that competes with SAP and ORACLE Financials at around 10% of the cost.

OpenPro’s design is based on the Open Source LAMP technology, but OpenPro offers much more than that within the system. The OpenPro system can run on most operating systems: Windows (all versions) using WAMP stack , Linux (all versions), Unix, SCO, IBM I-Series, AS400, and OS400. OpenPro can run on most hardware platforms, from a Personal Computer (PC) to a large IBM Mainframe System Z. The OpenPro system can run using most common SQL databases: MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, and IBM DB2. OpenPro can also integrate with most common system interfaces: WSDL, SOAP, XML and .NET. OpenPro’s design and powerful system can help most companies save money and get more automated.

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