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Comparing OpenPro’s Versions and Modules

OpenPro is an industry leader in comprehensive and fully featured ERP products.
See how OpenPro stacks up against the competition

OpenPro’s products deliver business value through a broad variety of ERP functionality and services. The best version for your business depends on a number of factors such as the size of your business, the support and training your business requires and hosting considerations.

OpenPro On Demand: With OpenPro Web-Based ERP Software you can have the software hosted as an Cloud model, SAAS (Software as a Service), ASP, or a web-based cloud computing system. OpenPro can host the software in the cloud or OpenPro cloud can also be hosted on other cloud servers like Amazon, IBM, Azure, Google and RackSpace.

Some advantages of a web hosted system include:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership – a web hosted solution ensures a lower outlay and predictive spread of cost over time. You benefit from lower software, hardware and licensing costs, so that you can invest more into your business process.
    OpenPro’s cost ranges from $40.00 per user per module.
  • Hardware Cost is Lower – a web hosted solution removes your headache from the investment made towards time and cost in the maintenance of the server & other hardware.
  • Maintenance Cost and Procedures are Removed – a web hosted solution also removes your worry about updating functions and features (service packs and fixes).
  • Implementation Time is Shorter – when you implement a web hosted solution, you can start using it from day one (avoids the worry towards implementation time, which has been cited as one major reason for ERP failure).
  • Remote Access for Customers and Suppliers Available – our hosted solution can allow you to attach a public site to your business for your customers to access.
  • Privacy – OpenPro runs each hosted solution on separate and independent databases to ensure privacy.
  • OpenPro is a secured hosted solution using high level encryption.
  • OpenPro will also send you nightly backups of your data so there is no loss of data.

OpenPro Easy ERP: OpenPro has solutions for small to medium businesses of any budget. OpenPro is an open source product, so your costs are lower and most customers see a return on investment within the first year of use. As your business grows, OpenPro grows with you. Additional modules can be added when needed. The modules you start with are not “lite” or “limited” versions of existing modules, they are full featured with no limitations. Companies can benefit greatly from our award-winning accounting solutions designed to easily accommodate growth. Core features often selected by small businesses from the OpenPro Financial module are General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll HRS, and Check Reconciliation.
We offer fixed asset management solutions to meet the diverse demands of growing businesses, including solutions designed specifically to help government, schools, and nonprofit organizations meet government and asset accounting requirements. OpenPro Easy ERP, is the first web-based ERP system available for the small-to-medium sized business. OpenPro Easy ERP is designed for 1-10 users, but is functionally identical to the OpenPro Enterprise Edition, and includes Financials, Supply Chain, Retail and Manufacturing, CRM and E-Commerce.

OpenPro Enterprise Edition: OpenPro’s Enterprise ERP system is the first web-based ERP solution available. Our latest version 8 is flexible enough to run on any industry standard operating system and SQL database. OpenPro ERP is both hardware and software independent using the latest open source technology. OpenPro Enterprise ERP can accomodate 10-1000+ users and features enterprise level Financials, Budgeting, Supply Chain, Warehousing, Bar coding, Retail and Manufacturing, CRM, EDI, XML and E-Commerce modules. The Enterprise ERP package is OpenPro’s most flexible and full-featured solution, able to run on a variety of hardware and database systems, and offering more features for each basic software module.

OpenPro has an implementation schedule delivering the industry’s fastest and least expensive transition available. OpenPro is dedicated to building dynamic business management software solutions that are designed to maximize the efficient management of your business. We develop our products so that our customers can easily choose from a complete web-based ERP solution that works for a wide variety of business markets. OpenPro Enterprise Edition is not only OpenPro’s standard offering for all sizes and varieties of businesses, but is also an industry standard: the first full-featured web-based solution that can handle and integrate all your business needs.

Below is a direct comparison of the features and functionality of OpenPro’s products.

Versions On-Demand Cloud SaaS EASY ERP Enterprise ERP
Number of users 1-2000 1-50 10-10000+
Base Modules
CRM & Contact Management
Manufacturing check check
E-Commerce check check
Full System Integration check check
Financial Features
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
General Ledger
Check Reconciliation
Executive Desktop Business Intelligence
Job Costing
Payroll & Time Card Management
HR Management
Fixed Assets
Distribution & Supply Chain Management
Inventory Control
Sales Order
Point of Sale
Warehouse Management
Sales Analysis
Bar Coding
Customer Service
CRM & Contact Management
MBS & Medical Billing Software/Health Care Management
Medical Software
Bill of Materials
Product Routing
Bar Coding
Shop Floor Control
Capacity Requirement Planning
Material Requirement Planning II
Master Production Scheduling
Business to Customer
Business to Business
Utility Credit Card Processing
System-Wide Features
Work Flow Management
Document Imaging
Report Writer
Knowledge Base
Information Management System
Hardware and Database Compatibility
Mac (Apple)
IBM X-Series
IBM I-Series AS/400 OS-400
IBM Z-Series Mainframe
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