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Maintenance and Support

Software Support Contracts and Software Maintenance and Updates

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Customer Maintenance Contract

OpenPro Maintenance contracts cost 10% of the software cost. Long before you take your new system live, we start making the OpenPro ERP system work for you. OpenPro customers benefit from version updates and incremental updates that keep our software working its best for you; all updates are included in our maintenance contract. OpenPro updates our software with a new release every 3-4 months and complete version every 12-16 months.

OpenPro is constantly evolving with latest best practices, technologies and functionality. Our updates and new versions come from our observations, customer and manufacturing industry ideas and government requirements. Unlike many larger vendors, our size allows us to be innovative, dynamic and flexible, so we can incorporate new functions, technologies and changes much faster than many others. In fact, we will often incorporate new customer requirements prior to the system’s purchase.

Customer Support Contract

Our standard support contracts (10% of software cost) cover customer support and service Monday-Friday, 7am to 5pm PST. We offer extended support contracts that are also included in our implementation contracts that cover 24/7 support. All the support contracts cover phone, fax and email support. In addition to knowledgeable phone support, we offer pager facilities for emergencies and remote control to expedite technical diagnostics. In most cases, you can count on resolving your situation with one contact. Ongoing support service is strongly recommended to ensure you get the most out of your OpenPro system.

Software Modifications

Although most customers find the OpenPro system meets 90% or more of their requirements, we can also perform specific software modifications. If other customers can benefit from your change, it will be incorporated as a standard OpenPro enhancement and we will support it as part of your standard maintenance agreement.

We focus exclusively on a variety of different industries, so OpenPro often delivers a 90% or better fit right off the shelf. Best practices indicate initially using the OpenPro system in its original version. After live production, most users find that they no longer require the software modifications they thought they would need. When modification is still required, we work closely to understand and meet customer requests efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

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