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OpenPro Time Card Module Overview

The OpenPro Time Card module supports a variety of special functions:
regular time over time calculation, management reporting, supervisor updating, and missing time reports. It is a complete web-based time card module.

You can gather employee time via hardware, software, or remote devices. Choose just one or as many different collection methods as you need to accommodate your
organization’s requirements.

Hardware Time Collection
Hardware time clock options give employees the familiarity of a wall-mounted time clock, with all the benefits of the TimeForce software. Our clocks offer one or a combination of the following features:

  • Swipe card entry
  • Proximity reader
  • Bar code scanner
  • Biometric (fingerprint) reader
  • Hand shape recognition
Employee Time Card

Example of OpenPro Employee time card

Software Time Collection
Software options allow employees to clock in using their browser from a desktop or laptop computer.
Remote Time Collection
Remote options are perfect for companies with telecommuters, field workers, or other employees on the go. Time can be collected with a PDA or reported via cell phone.

Using bar coded scanners integrates with work orders, projects, job costing, warranty service order, or just time card entry; you can also use piece work time cards.


Simple time and attendance tracking

  • Easy to use, configurable, flexible, 100% web-based
  • Web-based Software for Exempt Employees
  • Employees can submit time off requests online
  • Can be set up using Barcoding, Fingerprint, RFID cards, or
  • For use with 2 to 20,000 employees

Ensure accurate and timely timesheets

  • Smart email notification to encourage prompt submission of
  • Choose from over 80 different approval paths to fit your

Make quick decisions

  • Powerful real-time graphical reporting engine
  • Choose from hundreds of scanned reports or configure the
    report to your needs

Integration to eliminate redundancy, works with ADP and Pay

Also integrated with this is Payroll module, manufacturing time entry and other systems.

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