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Why to move to OpenPro if you are running Quickbooks

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QuickBooks is the worlds most popular accounting system. For the money, QuickBooks provides a nice assortment of features that cater to the needs of smaller businesses. However, QuickBooks has many limitations, many companies can easily outgrow this product.

Quickbooks will cost a company more money as it gets more than 3 users then it saves. Because everything in Quickbooks can be changed, it has no real Audit capabilities.

* If you run a smaller operation, these product characteristics are actually appealing. For one thing, having fewer features makes Intuit QuickBooks easier to use. If hundreds of new features were added to the product, users would have more difficulty mastering it. In addition, if QuickBooks incorporated a more robust database, its price would increase.

* If your organization is rapidly expanding, however, you will eventually outgrow the QuickBooks feature set and database performance.

* QuickBooks Feature Set Limitations Growing companies often find they need more sophisticated features that arent offered by QuickBooks. For example, QuickBooks does not support serial number tracking, multiple warehouse locations, or customer-specific pricing and much more..

* QuickBooks Database Limitations According to Intuit, QuickBooks can theoretically handle up to a billion transactions. But the system is very slow when you add more records. QuickBooks performance will decline to unacceptable levels. With SQL databases the number of records will not slow down the performance.

* Replace QuickBooks Once youve determined your company needs a new accounting software system, you should look at OpenPro Web Based ERP Software..

Comparing OpenPro Easy ERP and Quickbooks OpenPro Easy ERP offers a variety of sophisticated features QuickBooks lacks. Specifically, OpenPro has Serial number and lot control,multiple ship to addresses, multi-level bill of materials, web browser based, document imaging. OpenPro is a system that can be audited, you can not change historical records, just make adjustments. It also supports up to 10 simultaneous users in a true record locking network environment. With OpenPro you can upgrade to Enterprise ERP and have unlimited number of users.