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ERP software Implementation

OpenPro – Quality focused on the solution

Since its inception, OpenPro has been dedicated to producing technologically superior business software solutions and backing them with the finest implementation techniques and service.

OpenPro has worked for years to develop an implementation strategy to speed up the install process of a new system. This process is called the Rapid Implementation Method or RIM.


  • To identify policy and procedure areas within the organization which will be affected by the OpenPro Applications
  • To review the current business systems, current methods of doing business, the current systems that support those methods, problems experienced with existing methods, and systems and business or system opportunities to be addressed by the new system
  • Create a GAP/Fit analysis list and implementation schedule that the client can work with.
  • Supporting documentation to be used as a reference throughout the analysis process

Based upon the customer’s requirements, budget and needs OpenPro can provide services to help implement our system. OpenPro offers 3 different implementation methods, each using our simple 8 Step Process to ERP Implementation Success:

1. OpenPro Platinum Implementation: OpenPro performs all the functions of implementation, from Scoping the requirements, Analysis Design, Prototyping, Deployment, Integration and Cut over into Production and Continuous Improvement. OpenPro has internal staff and over 75 Implementation Distributors available for a complete implementation of our software. The cost is from 75 to 200% of the software cost depending on the organization.

2. OpenPro Gold Implementation: OpenPro works with the customer’s implementation team, training the team in its own trainer method. We give the team the knowledge to implement an ERP software successfully. We initially train the implementation team, then they use this knowledge to proceed with the 8 Step Process to ERP Implementation Success. The key advantage to this method is that it lowers the cost of implementation. The risks depend on the customer’s implementation team: it may take longer and knowledge transfer may not take as well. The cost is from 75 to 120% of the software cost.

3. Silver Self-Implementation: OpenPro works with the customer’s implementation team by providing the materials for the team to implement our ERP software successfully. OpenPro provides support and the materials to the customer’s implementation team and they take that knowledge and begin the 8 Step Process to ERP Implementation Success. The key advantage to this method is that it lowers the cost of implementation. The risks include: installation may take longer and knowledge transfer may not take as well. The cost is from 10 to 75% of the software.

OpenPro is there to provide its customers with optimal advice on how to effectively implement the application in their business.

Terminology Mapping
Help the customer understand the precise meaning of significant OpenPro terms. For example:

  • Explain what an OpenPro Inventory Class implies for inventory organization, labor reporting and financial reporting
  • Explain how sold to, invoice to, bill to and customer groups relate to each other and how they are used in credit checking

Business Process Mapping
Help the customer understand how to describe business process flows in terms of OpenPro application job streams. Assist in determining what manual procedures and controls should surround those job streams to provide the desired level of process standardization and control.

Data Element Mapping
Help the customer understand the many OpenPro application codes and data fields. For example:

  • Show how product group, product code and product line are used in Inventory Control and how they can be used with the customer price group to determine price matrix operation
  • Show how distribution codes in A/P can be used to significantly reduce data entry


  • Inclusive list of policy and procedure areas to be addressed
  • Thorough understanding of current systems by the Business Analysis Team


  • Business Operations Review report
  • Data Entry Plan
  • Training Plan
  • System Configuration Plan

8 Step Process to Successful ERP Implementations:

Link to the details of our 8 Step Process.

  • Scoping, kickoff meeting, contract starts, customer completes Business Operations Analysis Questionnaire
  • OpenPro Business Analyst gathers customer’s existing policies, procedures and documentation, performs interviews and physically tours operations and functional areas with key users / managers
  • Prototyping, build a test case, system analysis is done for features and functionality
  • Deployment build full production system and start training, building user procedures and guides
  • Interface/Integration as part of deployment, interfaces with other systems, daily operation procedures, backups, restores
  • Parallel Testing: test with live system, performance testing, effectiveness of interfaces/integration
  • Cutover: turn the OpenPro system live and turn off old system
  • Continuous Improvement: this is the post-implementation review upgrades and enhancements

Link to Implementation Services.

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