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OpenPro Payroll Module Overview

OpenPro’s Payroll module supports a variety of special functions, ranging from calculating payroll checks with individual deductions to maintaining information required for state and federal reports. OpenPro provides flexible payroll software and services that improve payroll management for employers. OpenPro works with businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to large enterprises. OpenPro’s Payroll system streamlines your payroll process, improves productivity and simplifies administration.

OpenPro makes tax filing a process of printing reports. The number of employees that can be processed is limited only by disk capacity. The system supports a variety of user defined and standard pay periods (daily, weekly, semi-monthly, quarterly, and annually), different employee classifications (hourly, salary, or salary with overtime), and multiple state income taxes. OpenPro’s Payroll module has been updated to include international payroll processes and reporting.

Employee File: The Employee File contains both personal (name, address, phone, etc.) and payroll (social security number, pay rate, expense account, charge rate, etc.) information. Keep effective, up-to-date employee records; manage employee salaries and pay grades; track employee benefit plans; document employee performance and attendance; create employee policy records; and manage government compliance and organizational reporting requirements. The Payroll module also works with the OpenPro integrated HRMS package and Time Card system.

Deductions File: The Deductions File contains all the standard, employer and employee deductions for all personnel (e.g., State and Federal Income Tax, Social Security, etc.). There are no limits to the number of total standard deductions or the number of employee deductions that can be included. Deductions can be fixed amounts or in percentages and can be listed in tabular format. OpenPro handles group health insurance deductions and keeps track of employee benefits.

Payroll History: A detailed listing of individual payroll transactions is maintained to determine cumulative figures.

Payroll Checks: The system prints payroll checks for each employee, or manual checks can be written. The built-in time card system makes payroll processing easier.

Reports: The system produces many reports, including listings of all employees, deductions, payroll costs for selected periods, and checks issued. The system prints all information required for the 941 Quarterly Report and W-2 forms as required by the IRS at year-end.

Also integrated with this Payroll module is HRMS and the Time Card Module.

Payroll Features

Consolidated entry screen for fast, efficient payroll entries
Built in HRMS Human resources features
Prints complete W2 and 1099 forms immediately upon install
Supports unlimited number of employees
Supports unlimited deductions, and enables you to easily manage payroll benefits like cafeteria plans, vacation time, 401ks and many more
Effective and Start Date for Payroll features such as benefits, vacation and 401k
Supports paper check runs, EFT electronic direct deposits or both
Supports multi-state payroll Annual updates ensure all state and federal tax calculations stay updated and compliant
Multiple bank account capability
Detailed posting to General Ledger
Posting by transaction or check date
Customized data fields
Easily process multiple checks per employee and multiple pay frequencies
Supports all 50 states including DC, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and International
Choose either quick payroll entry or traditional
integrates with OpenPro time cards or outside time cards
Multiple check copies
Direct payroll deposit
W2 and 1099 printing
Unlimited earnings and benefits types
Fixed Departmentalization
Variable Departmentalization – ability to allocate or departmentalize based on actual number of hours (or dollars) in a specific pay period
Customize or add a payroll “feature” across a set of employees
Unlimited vacation and sick pay accrual
Annual cap field for pre-tax employer deductions
Local tax and Union Dues
Ability to shut off earnings, benefits and deductions at any time
Department and location tracking
Laser Fileable 940 and 941 Forms
Supports all Pay Frequencies
Automatically create all reversing entries, including departmental printing with the Void Check feature
Optionally update the General Ledger with any payroll adjustments
Auto payroll calculation
Instantly pay one or a range of employees
Historic data, including last pay period
Various demographic fields for employee fields
Pre-processed and custom reports speed up reporting time
Year end processing
Electronic filing and paper files for W2

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