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OpenPro Order Entry Module Overview

Order Entry Module for Supply Chain Software

The Order Entry module is designed with high volumes and fast processing in mind; fill and ship orders according to inventory availability with OpenPro ERP software. The Order Entry module performs an extremely valuable function in OpenPro’s Supply Chain software by providing a direct link with the Accounts Receivable and Inventory modules. On-line query of any account or data item field can be made to obtain information on the status of an order and whether a shipment is on hand, back ordered, or committed.

Order Entry Form:Orders are entered on an order form. The form includes customer information, product specifications, shipping information and billing terms. An unlimited number of detail lines (items ordered) are available on each order. Order Entry works with the Accounts Receivable system by collecting all the information necessary for the creation of an invoice.

Order Status: An order may be opened at one time and completed later. Income and sales are realized only after the order has been shipped and billed. If there is a shortage of inventory, a partial shipment can be made to complete as much of the order as possible. Orders can be filled either manually or by computer. Order Entry prints the packing slip for shipment.

Reports: There are a variety of reports available in the Order Entry module that allow sales evaluations to be made quickly and easily. Reports can be printed listing all orders shipped with a comparison of requested and actual ship dates, salesperson commissions, gross margin by item, and back orders by product.

OpenPro Order Entry Process Flow

OpenPro Order Entry Process Flow for supply chain distribution

The OpenPro Order Entry module shares the customer file with Accounts Receivable and the inventory item file with the Inventory Control module. All of the customer information in Accounts Receivable and the product information in Inventory can be viewed without leaving the Order Entry module.

Order Entry and Inventory Control Features:

  • Designed for high volume and large number of products
  • High speed order entry process
  • Break out functions into entry of orders that can come from many different sources
  • Built-in XML SOAP interface for importing orders
  • Built-in warehousing for high volume picking and shipping of orders
  • Processing credit card transactions
  • Detail history of orders
  • RMA processing for order returns
  • Integrates with phone system so you know who is calling in before you pick up the phone
  • Direct interface with General Ledger
  • Complete tracking of all transactions from receiving through shipping
  • Fully enabled RF management reduces errors
  • Configurable Bill of Materials at order entry time for custom work
  • Interface with FedEx and UPS systems reduces double entry
  • JIT shipping processing
  • Integrates with costing
  • Complete history maintained
  • Maintain and monitor inventory availability
  • Active/Inactive status of Items and customers
  • EDI processing available
  • Contract, standard, multi-level and promotional pricing available
  • Robust item discounting and inventory volume pricing
  • Effective date processing
  • Customer and manufacturer rebate support available
  • Extensive product description
  • Pictures with each product
  • On-line available to promise
  • Customer part #, manufacturer part number cross reference
  • Recurring orders
  • Blanket orders
  • Many user definable fields
  • Media or marketing tracking available
  • Quotes convert Sales Order to invoices
  • Picking tickets with barcode printable
  • Auto-generate Work Orders
  • Auto-generate Purchase Orders with drop shipping
  • Customer credit checking online
  • Automatic maintenance and display of order status
  • Release orders for invoicing
  • Return authorization / credit management
  • Rules based engine
  • Order acknowledgement
  • Order inquiries display complete production, shipping, and invoicing. Tracking lookup online for customer support.
  • Direct interface to E-commerce cart
  • Grouping of items by category
  • Date and time stamp notes on items and transactions
  • Drill down to the original document
  • Send document by fax, email, printer
  • Audit trail reporting
  • E-commerce credit card processing
  • Timely information improves accountability and cash flow
  • Detailed and summary aged listing
  • Supports standard, average, LIFO, FIFO and actual costing
  • Unlimited Multi-Dimensional measure conversion
  • Non-inventory and service items supported
  • Product pictures attached to the items and technical drawings like Bill of Materials, routings
  • Fully integrated with Bill of Materials, Purchasing, Order Entry, Production and General Ledger
  • Multi-warehouse tracking
  • Bin level control
  • Flexible pricing
  • Serialized, lot control and expire date controlled items
  • Available to promise
  • Automatic Reorder logic
  • Stock can be transferred between locations
  • Integrates with Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)
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